Monday, April 2, 2012

A Jacket of my Own

I sew all the time for other people, but rarely for myself- I just don’t have the time. Once in a while, though, I do treat myself to a garment that I know I will wear and enjoy for a long time- something I love that fits as though it was made for me.

This jacket is one such item. I started with Vogue Pattern #1036, a Sandra Betzina. The design of the pattern allows for easy size adjustments, such as for narrow shoulders, always an issue for me. The cut of the jacket also lends itself to embellishment, in this case with embroidery. I chose black linen for the exterior and a heavy satin charmeuse for the lining. Most of the pieces were embroidered prior to assembly. 

The exception was the motif on the right front shoulder, which I created as a free standing piece of lace. This enabled me to angle it properly after the garment was assembled.

Double topstitching was made even and easy by using a double needle. Hot fix nail heads make the embroidery pop. 

Silver gripper snaps close the jacket down the front. It is a pleasure to wear. The only problem is that no one ever asks me if I made it.


  1. Hello, you have made this simple jacket look exquisite and very special. Fantastic.