Monday, January 21, 2013


Take time to play.
In a society teeming with entertainment options, this might sound like a strange thing to say. The entertainment junkies aren't the only ones out there, though. We workaholics need to remember to give ourselves permission to play guilt free once in a while.

I recently gave myself permission to play in my sewing room for a couple days, and it was one of the smartest things I have done in a long time. Why? It was relaxing. Playing promotes creativity. And it made me remember that I really do love to make things with fabric. I did not push myself to make something useful, sale able, or creative. I just did what seemed like fun at the time. I played with a couple unusual patterns- boot style moccasins being one of them. I made myself a warm velour cowl neck that fits perfectly. I made my husband a shirt. I made some cats toys for the grandcats. And I made a dragon.


Making the dragon was the best part. It was not difficult, and it was fun to personalize. It has a rice bag in the central part of the body, and it wraps around the neck nicely.

The dragon first appeared in the customer gallery of my favorite embroidery website, Urban Threads. It was such a popular item that she put up a pattern and tutorial (you might want to make one, too!).

I feel refreshed. Alterations and zipper replacements are often dull, but I won't mind them today. After that it's bridesmaid dresses. But it's all good- I've had my annual dose of fun.  

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