Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Simple to Sassy- A Great New Dress!

Usually I write about my own work, but not today!  Bernina USA is holding a competition called the We All Sew Challenge. The idea is to turn a wedding or bridesmaid's dress into something new and fresh. My friend Katie entered, and I think she did a great job turning a very plain bridesmaid's dress into a fantastic little dress that she can wear for a wide variety of occasions. She is in, and now needs votes. Here is the before picture.

and the first of several after pictures- here is the new the bodice. she recut the shape, then added embroidery.

here is the back. the neck closes with a vintage shoe button & loop.

and finally, the full view.

It turned out great, didn't it?
If you are willing, and I hope you are, you can vote for her here:
Simple to Sassy- Vote here!

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  1. Yeah this dress turned out to be beautiful and more stylish. I like the way how it was made!