Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Petite Lace Wedding Dress

I made a custom lace wedding dress this summer for a very petite bride- she is under 5' tall. She is perfectly proportioned, which actually is the problem. Wedding dresses for petites are rare; for the very petite, they are nonexistent. Everything she tried on was too long or too large in ways that didn't match the sizing in other areas. Alterations would have been difficult and expensive if they could have been done at all. I had sewn for her before, so was anticipating this problem. I measured carefully, then made a muslin and tweaked it repeatedly until the fit was perfect. 

Once I had the fit right, I began by cutting and sewing the lining, then moved on to the bridal satin and vera knit, which would hold the lace appliques.

FYI, Vera knit is not the same as tulle or bridal illusion. It is a delicate looking but sturdy knit fabric that resembles tulle. It drapes perfectly.

The dress has functional buttons on the bodice, and ornamental buttons on the skirt.

The style and sewing were relatively simple to construct, but I spent many, many hours cutting out tiny lace flowers and motifs and sewing them into place. The appliques are closely spaced on the bodice and sleeves, and farther apart on the skirt, where they trickle down the sides. I also created a design of lace applique flowers and  motifs on the train.

The lace had a scalloped edging, which we used to trim the hem, neckline, and sleeves.

Her dress was very comfortable because it fit so well, and she was relaxed and radiant all day. She was a beautiful bride.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! she look beautiful! It must have been so nice to have a dress that fitted and was her style instead of an ill-fitting dress from the stores.
    I'm amazed by all the details, beautiful work!

  2. thanks, Hanne! I really enjoyed making it.

  3. All of these dress are stunning!! thanks for sharing your memories.
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