Friday, November 30, 2012

Sew Unique Holiday Decor

Are you tired of the Mass manufactured Christmas look, but not sure what else to do? Here are several ideas for making your own simple, thrifty, and attractive decorations that I have gathered from across the internet. Instead of shopping, spend your free time creating things for your home. Check out these links and pick a couple things to try this weekend.

You never know what you might find on the Instructables website. In this case, I found sewn Christmas cards- using paper and fabric. It would be really easy to customize this project to your own taste, and the sewing involved is really simple.

The blog sew like my mom has a great tutorial for making fabric Christmas stockings.

There are a number of versions of a kid friendly felt, wall mounted Christmas tree on the internet. There is a nice tutorial here. Kids can spend hours decorating and undecorating their own tree without making a mess of yours. 

Try making these owl ornaments, or this cute pickle in a Santa hat.

You can create endless variations on these sock snowmen. Make a couple or a dozen.

Happy Sewing!

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